Amazon opened a video game studio in Montreal

Six weeks after Google left its video game studio in Montreal, the US tech giant, Amazon, moved there. The world number one in e-commerce announced Tuesday that Quebec City will welcome its fourth studio, after those in Seattle, Orange County and San Diego, which will be dedicated to “creating a whole new brand for AAA games”.

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Image provided by AMAZON GAMES

Logo of the new Amazon studio in Montreal.

No details have been revealed about this trademark, which is simply described as “a multiplayer game based on a new intellectual property”. No interviews were given for this launch.

The core of this new team is made up of four alumni from Ubisoft Montreal, Luc Bouchard, Xavier Marquis, Alexandre Remy and Romain Rimokh. They all worked Rainbow Six Sage, A multiplayer first-person shooting game in which two teams of five players compete in multiplayer missions. Ubisoft relies heavily on this game of 70 million players for which an online sports league has been created.

Photo taken from the site store. UBI. COM

The four main directors worked for the new Amazon Montreal studio Rainbow Six SageUbisoft, a multiplayer first-person shooter with 70 million players.

“We are excited to start over on a blank page and take advantage of all the freedom that Amazon provides us to create a unique experience,” said Xavier Marquez, Creative Director, in a statement. From our first discussions, we were aware of their long-term strategic vision, as well as their range of technical expertise. ”

“Recruit the greatest talent”

Amazon announced its video game ambitions in September 2020 with the Luna cloud platform, which has been available for invitation only in the US since October at $ 5.99 per month. It uses Amazon’s cloud computing service, AWS, is available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and select Android mobile devices, and currently offers around 50 games.

Amazon announced in a press release it published on Tuesday that it wants to “develop games that offer bold new gaming experiences and strengthen the community inside and outside of games.” ┬╗We present as an example of a game developed internally New world MMO, Scheduled for release in August 2021, and many other games that have yet to be announced are in development. The Amazon Games affiliate will also be a publisher of games developed by other studios, “including an upcoming title developed by Smilegate RPG.”

Photo taken from NEWWORLD. COM

New world MMOScheduled for release in August 2021, it is one of the games designed by the Amazon game teams.

Notably, Ubisoft, of which Amazon has recruited four of its pillars for its Montreal studio, is featured on Luna as a premium partner. In particular, it offers a subscription to Ubisoft + service.

“The richness of Montreal’s creativity will be a valuable asset to our development and publishing teams,” said Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, in a statement. The highly skilled and experienced team in our new studio reflects our ambition to hire the best talent to create the best games possible. ”

The size of the new Montreal studio has not been determined. Amazon Games announced its job offers section that it is looking for eight professionals for its Montreal studio.

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