Amazon | American Federation One wants to help other warehouses to fill

(New York) The unionists, who scored a major victory in creating the first union in Amazon’s US warehouse, said Friday that about 100 other group sites in the country have contacted them.

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« Nous assistons à une réré », a déclaré Christian Smalls, président du Amazon Labor Union (ALU), une semaine après que ce groupe de militants a remporté un vote historique auprès des salariés du site JFK8, situé dans le quartier de Staten Island New York.

Photos by Brendan McDermid, Reuters archive

Christian Smalls

“Fifty (US) states have called us,” he said at a news conference that looked like a festive political gathering.

The battle isn’t over in New York – Amazon plans to file a lawsuit with the regulator – but Christian Smalls wants a national conference in May to advise workers at other warehouses.

“We will help them,” he promised. “I don’t know exactly how, but we will try.”

In its appeal, Amazon intends to develop several objections. In particular, the company believes that ALU “threatened employees to force them to vote yes” and “camped with employees in line to vote,” according to official documents filed Thursday with the Federal Labor Law Agency (NLRB).

Activists see it as maneuvers to delay the effective establishment of the union. Mr Smalls called the accusations “nonsense”.

He said he’s willing to travel to take part in other organizational campaigns, and he talked about the movement going on at Starbucks.

More than 180 coffee shops were mobilized in the chain after employees of two establishments in Buffalo, Northeastern United States, voted in December to create a union, a first in the country.

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On Friday, three more Starbucks walked out in favor of the unions, bringing the total to 16 in the country.

The Staten Island Amazon victory gave hope to the many workers who aspire to be represented by a union.

The second largest employer in the United States after Walmart (distribution), the e-commerce giant has succeeded since its inception in 1994 in fending off the desires of employees who want to regroup in the country.

In Bessemer, Alabama, a promising organizing campaign failed a year earlier. The NLRB has already found that Amazon has broken the rules, and a new ballot was held in March, but there are so many contested ballots that the outcome is not yet known.

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