Amazon admits some of its employees have had to pee in bottles Business | the sun

“We know that our drivers can have problems finding toilets due to traffic or sometimes rural roads, and this was particularly the case with Covid, when many public toilets were closed,” the company said in a statement released on Friday.

The debate began last week, with a tweet from Democrat-elect Mark Buchan.

“The fact that you pay $ 15 an hour to your employees does not make you a progressive workplace,” he charged, “when you make your employees pee in plastic bottles.”

Then the official Amazon account responded directly to the chosen one on the same social network: “You don’t really believe in the story of peeing in bottles, anyway? If it’s true, nobody will work with us.”

However, several media outlets later reported numerous employee statements attesting to the practice. The media Objection It also claimed to have obtained internal documents proving that it is well known to company officials.

The testimonials specifically cite a shortage of time to go to the toilet due to the pace of work Amazon dictates.

“We apologize to Representative Buchan,” the company said in its statement. “The tweet was incorrect. He did not take into account our large group of drivers, and focused wrongly on our distribution centers,” where employees can “move away from their work stations at any time” to go to the “dozen toilets” at their disposal.

The company said the Amazon driver problem is “old” and “spread across the industry”. We would like to solve it. You promised, “We don’t know how, but we will look for solutions.”

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Team Mark Buchan’s reaction on Saturday to the apology addressed to him was: “A sigh” on Twitter. “It’s not about me, it’s about your employees you don’t treat with enough respect and dignity. Start by learning about the unfavorable working conditions you have created for all of your employees.”

Amazon is in the spotlight in the US with the vote, which was completed this week, to form a warehouse association in Alabama, which will be the first in the country. The results have not yet been announced.

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