Also in the US, Lyon plays for the title with OL Reign

While the women’s Olympique Lyonnais will oppose Paris Saint-Germain, the OL Reign players will want to join the US Women’s Championship final.

Calendar opportunity, Sunday is Capital Day for the women’s teams in the OL Groupe galaxy: Lyon receive Paris Saint-Germain for the French D1 shock, while OL Reign can approach its first coronation in the very famous American championship.

Second in the regular season, OL Reign, OL who has controlled 89.5% of DC since 2020, faces Washington in the NSWL semifinals. Sunday’s win over Washington and OL Reign, based in Tacoma, near Seattle, will play the final against Portland or Chicago on November 20, explicitly underlining FC Lyon’s strategy on the ground.

«The club’s ambition was to develop its brand in the United States into the world leader in women’s football.Sophie Sauvage, OL Reign representative at NSWL, explains. “This gave a lot of meaning to our strategy to develop and showcase the brand in the US through matches and networked players. The jerseys are the same color as in OL with a lion on top, very important“,” continues the manager who will be on site along with Bruno Ciro, the technical advisor in charge of women’s football at OL.

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