Almost 500 million numbers end up being sold on the dark web

According to our colleagues from Cybernews, a database containing nearly 500 million WhatsApp users has been put up for sale on the dark web. If this leak is proven, the users involved are exposed to spam and phishing attempts.

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In October 2022, a study by a London computer security firm showed this Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were the most targeted apps by hackers. However, this latest news would not contradict this report, quite the contrary.

According to our colleagues from Cybernews, Database containing nearly 500 million WhatsApp users It was recently listed for sale on a hacker forum on the dark web. Seller claims this kit contains 487 million phone numbers of active users in more than 84 countries.

Knowing that WhatsApp has nearly 2 billion users worldwide, this means that this database will thus contain the numbers of a quarter of the application’s users … According to the description given by the seller, this group includes phone numbers of more than 32 million US users 45 million in Egypt, 35 million in Italy, 29 million in Saudi Arabia, 20 million in France And in Turkey, 10 million in Russia and over 11 million numbers in the UK.

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whatsapp database numbers
Credits: Internet News

WhatsApp is not necessarily hacked

Unfortunately, the source of Cybernews did not disclose that it was able to obtain this database. However, it is possible It was formed through a process called “skimming”.. This consists of a huge, long-term set of data from the web. In other words, it was not WhatsApp that was hacked, but aSo the pirates were able to collect all these numbers (via past leaks, phishing campaigns, spam, or otherwise), confirming its affiliation with WhatsApp, and then selling it.

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As you can imagine, this database can be used To launch large scale phishing campaignsNot to mention the waves of spam. At the moment it is impossible to know if your phone number is on this list or not. Of course, we are waiting for a statement from WhatsApp on this matter. We will update this article as soon as we know more.

source : Internet news

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