Alleged sexual harassment | The sixth accuses Governor Andrew Como

(New York) A new woman said a New York governor touched her inappropriately in late 2020, the New York Daily reported on Tuesday, bringing the number of those who have accused Andrew Cuomo of harassment or indecent behavior to six.

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According to the position he has shown since the first of these allegations at the end of February, the 63-year-old powerful Democratic governor soon dismissed the idea of ​​resigning.

He stressed that he “would not be aware” of this new accusation, and reiterated that he would await the results of an independent investigation into these allegations, supervised by the state attorney general, Letizia James, with undisputed independence.

“Let the investigation establish the facts, and then we’ll see,” Cuomo said during a conference call that was summoned shortly after the new accusation was published.

According to the information received from Albany Times Union, A newspaper in the New York state capital, this new episode of alleged inappropriate behavior took place at the governor’s official residence in Albany and related to an employee who had not been identified at this point.

The newspaper said that if the latter does not file a formal complaint, its allegations are referred to the governor’s legal department and to the services of the public prosecutor.

These new accusations continue to weaken the governor’s position in power for 10 years, and his term expires in 2022.

As a hero in the war against the pandemic in 2020, Mr. Cuomo, one of America’s most influential rulers, is now subject to numerous calls to resign, including from his Democratic camp.

Republican elected officials began impeachment before the New York Parliament, where the Democrats are the majority. Its chances of success are uncertain, as impeachment requires a simple majority in the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate.

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