All sports – USA – The sport has stopped in Minnesota after a black man was killed by police

After a black man in Minneapolis died at the hands of a policewoman, the city’s baseball, basketball and ice hockey teams decided not to play on Monday. Three baseball, basketball and ice hockey matches scheduled for Monday evening in Minneapolis, at the initiative of local teams, have been postponed after a young black man died, Sunday, while being arrested near the city, which is currently experiencing high tension. The Minnesota Twins were the first to announce the postponement of their game against the Boston Red Sox in the MLB. The Minnesota Timberwolves did the same In the NBAWhen they had to face the Brooklyn Nets. Finally, the NHL meeting between Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues has been postponed. Fatal accident? The three franchises in addition to their league concluded their press releases by presenting Condolences to the Donut Wright family », This 20-year-old was shot dead by police forces while driving with his girlfriend in the suburbs of Minneapolis. On Monday, the police ruled her death. ” accidental The agent in He took out his rifle in place of his stun gun The local police chief said an electric pulse pistol was believed not to be fatal. Joe Biden called for calm in the face of the volatile situation, the mayor of Minneapolis announced a curfew Monday evening. Joe Biden, President of the United States, mourns death. tragic By Wright calling on protesters to stay security The new death comes as Derek Chauvin, the white police officer accused of killing George Floyd last May, is being tried in Minneapolis. Racism in the United States and around the world. Many athletes were also mobilized. Read also The Death of George Floyd: A Shock Wave for Athletes in the United States

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