All sports – Thomas Bach reaffirms the IOC’s political neutrality

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach on Wednesday reiterated the world sports government’s political neutrality without being able to sidestep the issue of the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games and the Peng Shuai case. in a The second day of the IOC Executive Board meetingIts president, Thomas Bach, talked a lot about politics during the press conference that followed. Asked about the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games (February 4 to 20) by United States, AustraliaAnd United kingdom (And from Canada), Thomas Bach stated that he focused on the participation of athletes. “ The presence of officials is a purely political decision. The principle of neutrality applies to the International Olympic Committee The President of the Republic confirmed. “ We care about the athletes supported by their government and the rest is politics ”, he insisted, adding that the IOC’s job is not to comment on countries’ policies. The leader did There is no doubt about the ability of the Chinese to provide games Regarding the video exchange with tennis player Peng Shuai, the manager made it clear that he will continue communication with her. Aware of The criticisms raised by these interviews, since it took place in the presence of Chinese officials, Thomas Bach noted that it was not easy to establish a relationship of trust via video but it was necessary “” Ensure her physical safety The leader demanded respect for her physical integrity and asked her to be able to decide on her own priorities. 3.05 Billions, the number of viewers who watched the Tokyo Olympics on their television channels and digital platforms. 28 billion videos were watched on the digital media of the Games’ official broadcasters. Finally, he explained President that the International Olympic Committee was continuing its mission of ” quiet diplomacy (Quiet Diplomacy) in Afghanistan. Thus, in November in Qatar, a delegation met with representatives of the Taliban who had accepted the assistance of the International Olympic Committee. While that Three hundred members of the sports community They have already obtained a humanitarian visa to leave the country, and the International Olympic Committee has announced the distribution of nearly 500,000 euros in winter aid to those who remain. Therefore, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee decided to allocate an envelope of $265 to about 2,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes of all disciplines, distributed at the site by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and in cooperation with the Afghan National Olympic Committee. ” We made it clear to them that free access to sport, without any discrimination based on gender, race, religion or otherwise, is fundamental to respecting the Olympic Charter.”, reassured Thomas Bach while acknowledging that obtaining a humanitarian visa was more difficult in August. Youth Olympic Games in South Korea The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has approved the dates and program for the fourth Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon Province, South Korea from January 19 to February 1, 2024. Following Lausanne in 2020, 1,900 athletes will implement. Compete in 81 competitions.

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