All series canceled this year

Every year, Netflix renews several series. But others do not even know the fate, and are canceled. What series were canceled by Netflix in 2021?

The year 2021 was full of good and bad surprises. Netflix Many successful series have been renewed destined to perishAnd mysterious especially squid game. It must be said that the Korean series is a real phenomenon that made the best start to a series that gained 111 million viewers in just one month. But if several series are renewed, other series will be cancelled. Among the cancellations, some big surprises were like The last kingdom where Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop : Canceled after one season

New at the end of this year, Cowboy Bebop fails to seduce. Netflix has canceled the series John Cho wore, after it was put on hold by fans and critics.

on my block : Canceled after 4 seasons

Renewed for a fourth season, Netflix announced the series on my block He will not be returning for season 5. The last ten episodes aired last October. However, expect a substring Freridge, which will soon arrive on the platform.

distinct : Canceled after two seasons

The sitcom with Ryan O’Connell was canceled after two seasons, the last of which was released in May.

duchess : Canceled after one season

Netflix did not renew British comedy. According to actress Catherine Ryan, the series did not attract enough people.

Castlevania : Canceled after 4 seasons

after 4 seasons, Castlevania It has ended since the last episodes aired last May. however, Delivery time He clarified that Netflix would consider a spin-off for the animated series.

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The last kingdom : Canceled after 5 seasons

The big surprise was last spring. After five seasons, Netflix decided not to renew The last kingdom.

Baker Street Regulars : Canceled after one season

irregulars It will only test one season. Netflix has canceled the Tom Bidwell-created series, in which a group of teens are hired by Doctor Watson.

Buyer’s Legacy : Canceled after one season

A month after its release last May, the series adapted from the Mark Millar comics has been canceled by Netflix. The information was disclosed by the media The Hollywood Reporter. Comments were not good at presentation.

big army : Canceled after one season

Teen Show won’t have a new season. This new series failed to achieve successelite or 13 Reasons Why.

cursed : Canceled after one season

after 13 Reasons WhyKatherine Langford played the role of Nimue, the main role in the series cursed. But the adaptation of a work of the same name didn’t really please Netflix who simply canceled it.

bonding : Canceled after two seasons

You won’t be able to discover the rest of the adventures of Tiff and Pete. Netflix has canceled the Rightor Doyle comedy series. She didn’t know how to find her audience.

Mr. Iglesias : Canceled after one season

In July, Netflix announced the cancellation of four sitcoms. comdian theater Mr. Iglesias Unfortunately he was one of them.

hit and run : Canceled after one season

Despite the major confusion at the end of the last episode, Netflix decided to cancel its Israeli-American series, which was worn by actor Lior Raz.

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Dad, stop embarrassing me : Canceled after one season

The series with Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne did not achieve the expected success. Netflix hasn’t renewed it for a 2 season. Subscribers can, though, find the actor in the saga Spider Man Uploaded to the platform.

#blackcafe : Canceled after one season

Netflix renewed in June 2020, and backed off course by announcing that the series would not return for a season 2.

revolution : Canceled after one season

After just one season, Netflix decided to cancel its original French production. Despite a good start, the series did not achieve the expected success.

country sitter : Canceled after one season

Bad news for comedy lovers! Netflix announced in early July that it would not be returning for a second season.

La Casa de Papel and family businesses bow

There’s no cancellation per se but the ending was announced long before that… After six and three seasons in a row, two very popular Netflix series kicked off this year: Stealing money And family business. The same award for two other series recently available on the platform: lost in space – which ends in season 3 – and Superstore which ends in season 6.

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