All Canadian contenders advance to semi-tube final

The four Canadians finished in the top eight as they head into the round of 16 in the figure skating competitions at the Beijing Olympics on Thursday.

Hannah Schmidt, Miley Thompson, Quebec Brittany Phelan and Courtney Hofuss respectively marked the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth times of the course.

The qualifying rounds will be held later Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, the three Canadians competing in Thursday’s Half Pipe Freestyle event confirmed their place in the final.

Rachel Karker, Cassie Sharpe and Amy Fraser took the top 12 after two rounds. Karker popped with two driven runs, each of which would have allowed her to take second place in the playoffs.

Sharp and Fraser finished sixth and eleventh, respectively.

Also on Thursday, the Canadian men’s curling quartet lost 5-2 to Great Britain but advanced to the semi-finals.

Maple Leaf (5-4) came in third and will face Sweden (7-2) in the semi-finals. In the duel between the two countries in the qualifying stage, Sweden won 7-4.

Great Britain, led by veteran Scotsman Bruce Mowat, scored two goals in the first half.

Brad Joshio’s team tied the match at the second end, but they didn’t go any further. Great Britain scored in the fourth finish and stole a point in the sixth and eighth finishes.

In the duel between the two countries in the qualifying stage, Sweden won 7-4.

Also, Ontario’s Ronnie Remy didn’t finish her alpine descent combined, and thus was disqualified from the second part of the course, the slalom.

After a great start, she fell after the second intermediate stanza, which heralded the end of the Olympics.

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