Alice: At Espace Cazot, communication is the cornerstone for living better together

On the evening of Tuesday, November 22nd, the Better Living Together Network is organizing one of its two annual meetings.

This Tuesday, November 22, at the beginning of the evening, about 80 people attended, on the Place Alès-Cazot, the play “No one listens to me!” Translated by Pour le moment. A piece that turns out to be interactive and is the cornerstone of a time of exchange and conviviality, proposed by the Better Living Together group.

After the informal meetings that kicked off in 2013, he offers, twice a year, an “event” evening, explains Mireille Julien, a member of the network. “But the idea is also to prepare for it by having our entire network go downstream.” However, this November, it was decided to put this meeting around the topic “Do we talk to each other? Do we listen to each other? Do we hear each other?” “Do you see how things are today? Don’t we have tools to communicate better?” Another member, Pierre Bradel, justifies. “Our goal is for people to have something happen. For them to ask themselves. For them to take another look…”

Another look, this is what will be discussed in April, during the next meeting of the network. For good reason, the topic should be about difference. Then Pierre Bradel smiles: “Aren’t we, there, in the heart of living together?”

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