Al-Gloshi and Augustine light up the Peugeot Square in Aulnay-sous-Bois!

Saturday afternoon at Espace Bijou in Aulne-sous-Bois was a professional boxing battle in the welterweight class between local Ayoub El-Galoushi (8-1-0-1 KO) against young batsman Norman Nathan Augustine (4-2-1), 2 KO) Fleury sur Orne in Calvados.

Obviously, this confrontation took place behind closed doors, but the people who managed to pursue this fight would definitely not be disappointed, on the contrary, because the two heroes did a great job in boxing by putting on an excellent show.

Much taller, left-handed Sain Saint-Denis, winner of the 2018 French welterweight championship, was on guard, as Nathan Augustine has no reputation for sending hugs at all. There will be no watch round for this six-time match planned between fighters in a totally contrasting style as it was extremely difficult to predict with making sure to find the future winner.
Uncomplicated, Augustine has been trying from the start of the fight to destabilize Algluchi, the Elite 1-ranked boxer, but finds himself nearly dry on the carpet at the end of the round on an excellent right hook from his opponent. The minute of rest allows him to recover well, but unfortunately for him, he’s already two points behind.

Nathan is reassured despite everything the next day and he looks so good in the third and fourth stages, winning almost equal matches in the other. However, Job demonstrates all his qualities as an excellent designer, and also demonstrates a style that would make many envy, his hands held high to cushion the heavy blows of his polar opposite, and also knowing how to dribble and pretty strokes. Because when the Normandy approaches, everything can happen, let’s not forget that last October the boxer from Fleisse knocked Tariq Dorfovy at the Sports Palace in Caen, who nevertheless scored two victories in the first round. Opponents.
However, the delay will not be compensated for the Calvados striker, Ayoub will show off his class until the end of the bell by finishing very well to a victory 59/54 by the only referee to judge in this extremely beautiful fight.

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A very good confirmation of the winner who deserves to be rated FFB soon at the national level, and also a lot of hopes and good lessons for the Norman who succeeded after his complicated position at the end of the first round to prove all her way. Throughout the battle its great danger.

André Coutinho

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