Ajaccio: a new healthy space dedicated to listening to young people

to Confinement That follow each other, a choppy rhythm of life. consequences Health crisis above Mental health from Youth It no longer appears.

To respond to this problem, a Youth Health Space (ESJ) has been established within the Sur un Cloud Therapeutic Center. Place of Apatucci. A place that wants to be benevolent and alert for young people of all social backgrounds.

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Our aim is to answer all questions of young people in difficulty. Whether it is a family problem or even their studies. An educational team and health professionals are here to think with them. ” Anastasia Rubini, head of prevention at Marie Renucci, explains.

She determines that “It is clear that anonymity is respected and can be accessed free of charge.”

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The ESJ has been in operation since the beginning of April and is part of the “Well-being of Young People in Corsica” plan launched by the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

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“As an extension of our Prevention Department, we have submitted a proposal to ARS to create this space and provide our expertise with agents in this field,” Anastasia Robbeni Evolution.

Hence the space is for young people between the ages of 6 and 25. But with middle and high schools closed, it is teens who suffer the most from mental disorders.

Loss of reference points, social bond torn, lack of perspective, malaise very present. The more months go by, the more repercussions for multiple births are felt. All age groups are affected at different levels. But high school and university students are the most difficult. ” Notes Marie-Pierre, a teacher at the ESJ Prevention Service.

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Prevention and intervention

Another result of the restriction, the educator was not able to promote this new structure for the youth after the schools were closed.

Facebook and Instagram pages were created to communicate about the place and above all to break the taboo.

Young people who are struggling with getting out of isolation should not hesitate to come and ask questions. We are here to provide answers and assess needs. Then, we guide them according to the problem facing them. Psychiatrist from the treatment center, dietitian, specialist in psychology. Or simply a book to clear your mind. ” Marie-Pierre explains.

The ESJ address has been chosen to be accessible to Ajacci’s and South Beach residents. “Porticcio guys can come by shuttle, Baleone guys can come by Michelin and we’re ready for middle and high schools.” Identifies Marie-Pierre.

Note that ESJ, with ARS support, is open Monday through Friday between noon and 2pm and Saturday morning. During the holidays, the center is open every morning.

Contacts: phone:; www.facebook.com/esjsps; www.instagram.com/esjespacesantejeunes/

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