Airlines will be more financial penalties

Washington Dulles Airport (Photo: Burkhard Mücke, CC BY-SA 4.0)

A new battle is brewing between US Department of Transportation and Airlines. For the first time in American history, the Department of Transportation wants to change the offset rules. They will force airlines to compensate passengers. In addition to covering certain expenses in the event of controllable delays and cancellations.

Admittedly, there has been an effort over the past couple of years within the major airlines. The top 10 are therefore guaranteed a meal and a free re-routing. According to the Department of Transportation, 9 of them also provide accommodation. The DOT provides compensation details on a dashboard that can be consulted online under FlightRights. Gov. The site details those who offer cash compensation, travel credits or coupons, or award frequent flyer miles.

Obligations of airlines in the event of cancellation (FlightRights.Gov screenshot)

A dashboard to compare the company’s obligations

Regulation draft from the Ministry of Transportation It will make passenger compensation mandatory In addition to the services provided in the event of a breakdown. Rules that will apply without exception to all airlines! The FlightRights.Gov table shows that few airlines currently offer financial compensation for delays or cancellations.

Commenting on these new rules, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg noted. “Passengers do not have to foot the bill when an airline causes a flight to be canceled or delayed. For the first time in US history, these regulations propose that airlines be required to reimburse passengers.

Thus future regulations will perpetuate financial compensation for passengers, as well as additional services (meals, accommodation and re-routing).

In fact, the Department of Transportation found it The airline only guarantees frequent flyer miles to its passengers. A couple of airlines also offer travel credits or vouchers in case of delays or cancellations. However, no airline guarantees monetary compensation for long delays or cancellations. Especially when the company is responsible for it!

Obligations of airlines in the event of a confirmed delay (FlightRights.Gov screenshot)

More restrictive rules

If passed, the Department’s proposed rule on reimbursement for travel would make the following provisions.

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1- Airlines will have to proactively inform passengers of their right to payment When the flight is canceled or changed.

2- Significant delays and/or cancellations will entitle you to a refund of more than three hours for a domestic flight, and more than six hours for an international flight..

3- Airlines should offer vouchers or travel credits without an expiration date when people cannot travel for health reasons.

4- Airlines that receive government aid will have to compensate passengers who are unable to travel rather than just offering vouchers or travel credits.

The Department of Transport believes that these regulations can help improve airline punctuality. However, the battle must be tough with the airlines. Washington lobbyists are sure to respond quickly.

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