AirHelp is assessing delays in 2022 in Europe

Turkey experienced a higher rate of delayed flights in 2022 according to AirHelp (Photo: LC)

2022 was the year of the air transport boom in the world, especially in Europe. but at the same time, It will also be the year of all chaos in managing this transfer. Staff shortages, strikes and unfavorable weather conditions will particularly affect passengers on the European continent.

According to statistics from AirHelpan organization that defends the rights of air travelers, One in three passengers will take off in late 2022. June and July Peaked: more than 40% of travelers suffered from delays. Countries hit hardest by delays last year: UK, Germany and Turkey. According to AirHelp data, more than 250 million passengers have experienced airline punctuality at airports.

225 million passengers were delayed, including 32 million in the UK

in the number of passengers affected, With more than 32 million people, the UK ranks first in flight delays and cancellations. This brings the percentage to 35% of all passengers. Germany comes in second With around 26 million passengers delayed, just under 35% of all passengers. In Turkey, more than 22 million passengers (32%) have been affected, which puts the country in third place.

on the other side, The highest rate of delays and cancellations in 2022 was recorded in the Netherlands. More than one in three passengers (37%) have experienced difficulties on their journey. Greece and the UK follow closely with 36% and thus 35% respectively.

opposite, Passengers took off most of the time in the Baltics. Estonia and Lithuania already occupy the top two of the most punctual countries in absolute numbers and percentages. In Estonia, about 242,000 passengers experienced delays. This is just over 21% of all passengers. In Lithuania, delays affected about 383,000 passengers, or just under 21%. Luxembourg ranks third in absolute terms with around 433,000 passengers. Finland ranks positive at around 22%.

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Commuters in London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris CDG

The largest number of delays in Europe occurred in London, with 10.2 million passengers Struggling at Heathrow Airport. Airport Frankfurt ranks second With 9.8 million delayed passengers Followed by Paris CDG With approximately 9.4 million. The largest number of late passengers was found in Chania, Greece (Crete) where 44% of travelers were affected. Follow him Manchester (43%) and Frankfurt (almost 42%).

“2022 has not been a good year for air travelers. Summer in particular has shown that airports and airlines are unprepared, in terms of personnel, for a post-pandemic increase in air travel. Whereas before the pandemic, 24% of passengers were delayed, that figure was close to 31% in Year 2022,” Comments Tomasz Pawliszyn, CEO, AirHelp.

We expect this negative trend to continue this year.. As in many other industries, the shortage of skilled workers continues to be a serious problem hampering airlines’ operations. This situation was exacerbated by staff strikes, which lead to further delays. “We would like to encourage all passengers to review the rights of air travelers and verify their entitlement to compensation for all delays and cancellations in 2022,” added the AirHelp CEO.

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