Airbnb bans some stays near Halloween

The company had a similar policy last year in Canada and the United States. (Photo: 123RF)

Airbnb says it will prevent people without a history of good reviews from renting entire homes in Canada for one night during the Halloween holiday.

The rental platform says the policy is to prevent people from using Airbnb to host large, unauthorized parties.

The company says that customers with a history of positive Airbnb reviews will not be subject to the restrictions on overnight bookings.

Airbnb will also prevent some people from making local and last-minute reservations for two-night stays if they don’t have a history of positive reviews.

The company had a similar policy last year in Canada and the US and says that in Toronto alone, more than 1,300 people have been discouraged from booking entire homes over Halloween.

Airbnb has come under fire in recent years after many of the rental homes on its platform were used to parties that caused complaints, turned violent or rowdy, and in a few cases resulted in deaths.

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