AirAsia takes advantage of Thai Gojek’s activities to strengthen its ‘super application’

AirAsia underscores its ambition to provide a ‘premium app’ that brings together a full range of services beyond air borders. The Malaysian low-cost airline announced, on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, it will take over Gojek’s operations in Thailand.

$50 million equity acquisition in its AirAsia SuperApp division valued at approximately $1 billion, details Reuters. The two companies specify that they are not closing the door to exploration.”Additional opportunities for collaboration and synergy“.

AirAsia strives to diversify
Often referred to as the Asian Uber, Gojek has been offering many services since 2009, from food delivery, package delivery, financial services and entertainment. Its application in Thailand will continue until the end of July to ensure the transition to the AirAsia application. Gojek would like to take advantage of this agreement to increase its investments in its operations in Vietnam and Singapore, two markets that the Indonesian startup considers promising.

AirAsia launched a “super app” last year that brings together services ranging from travel and shopping to logistics, financial services and on-demand passenger transportation. One way for the airline to diversify its sources of income while the Covid-19 pandemic has severely slowed the activities of the aviation sector.

AirAsia wants to add new offers to its app, such as buying groceries and cosmetics, and expand the geographical area covered by all of its services. AirAsia is also researching new technologies and services. The airline, which wants to roll out its flying taxi business next year, is working on an urban drone delivery service.

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