Air transport continues to recover according to OAG

Air traffic was down 22.2% at the start of January compared to before Covid, confirming its recovery according to the OAG (Image: LC)

Air traffic continues to recover, consultant OAG, who is working on airline seat capabilities . analyzes. This is over 2021 down 35% Compared to December 2019. That is, 5.7 billion seats compared to 8.7 billion at the end of 2019. But on the other hand, Recovery is confirmed, particularly with a strong increase in capacity during the second half of last year. the Reopening of the European Union In May / June then those from The United States, Canada, Gulf countries, Singapore and Thailand reflected in the presentation.

At the beginning of 2022, OAG says Omicron variable is not reflected in airline business. Even if the advisor believes that supply should go down in the short term, or even go down. for the whole month of January, OAG calculated more than 366 million available seats compared to 246.5 million a year ago. However, this number does not take into account last-minute cancellations. Cancellations that multiply with the spread of the Omicron variable among air personnel.

Europe influenced by Omicron

If we compare the first week of January 2022 with the week of January 2020, the top performers in terms of capacity/seats are Mexico (+5.4%), Russia (-1.1%) and Spain (-7.1%). With a 27.3% drop in seats, France does slightly better than Germany or the UK. But it shows a much weaker performance than the global average of -22.2% (January 2022/2020). Europe remains one of the countries hardest hit by the drop in capacity at the start of the year. Blame the border closures due to the Omicron variable.

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Only Northeast Asia works less With a 31.1% decrease in capacitance at Japan and 55.6% of Korea. Thus the latter country shows the worst performance in the world.

If we look at the evolution Compared to the first week of January 2021, we can see a significant recovery. Even Europe is seeing the biggest increases in its capacity. Germany leads with +183.2%, UK +176.2% and Spain +136%. France also recorded an increase in the number of seats, but it was less. Airline capacity in France increased by 88.2% compared to the beginning of 2021.

somewhere else in the world, Singapore records best year-over-year performance with 125.1% additional capacity In the first week of January. However, compared to January 2020, the OAG still notes a decrease of approximately 72% in the air supply to and from the island nation.

Change in the total seat width compared to the week of 01/03/2022

% changes
01/06/2020 01/04/2021
Globalism -22.2% + 41.7%
Germany -37.9% + 183.2%
Spain – 7.1% + 136.0%
France -27.3% + 88.2%
United kingdom -30.0% + 176.2%
Brazil -13.1% + 26.3%
United State – 9.8% + 57.1%
Mexico + 5,4% + 37.7%
Asia Pacific
Australia -27.6% + 66.8%
China -14.6% – 4.1%
South Korea -55.6% + 2.6%
dew -10.9% + 33.7%
Japan -31,1% + 25.1%
Singapore -71.8% + 125.1%
Africa and the Middle East
South Africa -44.2% + 13.9%
The United Arab Emirates -25.3% + 92.1%

(Source: OAG)

For OAG, the effect of Omicron can be felt in February. But it should be short-lived according to the schedules offered by the airlines. For February 2022, the carrier’s program expects a capacity of 351.7 million seats, just below January. But it includes 28 days in a month. However, capacity should jump in March with 406.2 million seats.

Lines with the largest seating capacity (December 2021)
Dubai-London LHR 253567
LHR-New York JFK Launderer 222890
Copenhagen-Oslo 138 950
Dubai – Istanbul 093137
New York JFK-Paris CDG 534 136
Istanbul – Tehran 133320
Lisbon-Madrid 133328
Paris ORY-Pointe-a-Pitre 128,371
Paris CDG – Dubai 123 519
Dublin Londres LHR 123 024

(Source: OAG)

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