Air Traffic in the United States | Verizon and AT&T to limit 5G during impact study

(New York) Verizon and AT&T on Wednesday proposed limiting the deployment of new frequency bands for 5G in the United States by six months, and it’s time for the FAA to study potential interference problems with devices that measure altitude in aircraft.

In the face of FAA concerns, phone operators agreed in early November to delay the launch of these new frequency bands until January.

In a joint letter sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which oversees 5G deployment in the country, they made clear on Wednesday that they wanted to move forward with deployment in January, but were taking additional precautions until July 2022. Those are already enshrined in law, while The Federal Aviation Administration conducts its analysis.

AT&T and Verizon, for example, suggest reducing power coming from 5G stations, particularly around airports and helipads.

“This is an important and encouraging step, and we are committed to continuing a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders,” the FAA responded in a letter to AFP, estimating that 5G could “coexist well” with air traffic “to the full safety.”

Verizon and AT&T were initially scheduled to start using the 3.7-3.8 GHz frequency bands on December 5, which were allocated to them in February after a bid of tens of billions of dollars.

But the Federal Aviation Administration recently released a special bulletin requesting additional information on devices that measure an aircraft’s distance from the ground and operate on frequency bands between 4.2 and 4.4 GHz.

The FAA questions possible interference between the frequency bands used in 5G and aviation.

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“Although there was no reliable evidence of an interference problem, we agreed to take these additional steps to address any FAA safety concerns,” AT&T noted in a letter to AFP.

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