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As expected, prostate cancer should soon be included in the table of occupational diseases. The first honor for agricultural workers, fulfilling the promise of Emmanuel Macron, in September 2018.

In response to a question this afternoon (October 20) by Morbihan Senate ecologist Joel Labe, during the government’s questioning session, the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Julian Dinormandy, indicated that he would soon be going to publish the decree on the inclusion of the prostate. Cancer is linked to pesticides in the list of occupational diseases.

In fact, on October 12, the High Commission for Occupational Diseases in Agriculture (Cosmap) issued a favorable opinion recognizing prostate cancer as an occupational disease for those who use pesticides for professional purposes. “I will take the decree based on the opinion of this committee,” the minister said.

compensation path

It is clear that the inclusion of this disease in the table of occupational diseases concerns all agricultural workers in western India who had to deal with chlordecone. Remember, this was a promise made by President Macron in September 2018 during a trip to Martinique to a farm contaminated with chlordecone in Morne Rouge.

The senator for the environment, pleased with the minister’s response, warned him that he would be vigilant that “compensation would include all victims” and that “the conditions of access are not too restrictive.” In doing so, he referred to the requests of the victims’ associations: a five-year exposure period, and a forty-year care period.

The group of agricultural workers also struggles to identify other diseases associated with exposure to pesticides.

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