After waiting, Grand Périgueux transfers to Espace Aliénor

First impressions

For Sylvain, this new headquarters is “very good: spacious, bright, modern and above all, it’s fun. He does not regret changing places of work. Agents have until the end of April to turn in their boxes. From then on, the building will be open to the public.

If some are already installed, other employees are still overwhelmed by boxes.

Michael Fore

“It looks almost empty, but it gets a little older every day. Very soon, it will be a real hive! Says Laurent Bourgès, general manager of services. At the moment, only the employees of the agglomeration, who account for 43% of the offices in the building, move into it. It will be in front of the satellites In Grand Périgueux and the estates of the region, such as Cassiopea, until the summer to settle down.


From the very first steps, there is something to get lost in. The 8,000 square meter building looks like a maze. An impression reinforced by the absence of signage. Signs to find one’s way are still stored in the corridors of the hall. Even if it’s necessary, Tiffany, who handles public contracts, says, “I’ve already managed to navigate myself a little bit. Sometimes I get lost in the corridors, but I take two or three lanes and find myself there.”

If the number of parking spaces for employees is limited, “it is always possible to organize”, assures Cedric Le Goff, in charge of operations. “Mary Alconshire, a mobility consultant, is assigned to assist agents in the event of practical problems,” he adds.

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