After the rupture, Morocco officially ends the duties of its ambassadors in Iran and Algeria

In its latest version on December 29, 2021, Official Gazette Announces that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has terminated the duties of Morocco’s previously accredited ambassadors to some countries.

The list includes, for example, diplomats expelled from the latter movement in the ranks of ambassadors on December 14, such as Mukhtar Gambo in Kenya, Boughaleb Al-Attar in Cuba, or even Abdeslam Abu Drarar in the United Kingdom.

The list also includes the names of Hassan Hami and Lahcen Abdel Khaleq, who are respectively former chiefs of the kingdom’s administrators in Iran and Algeria. Two countries no longer have diplomatic relations with Morocco. In the case of Iran, the decision goes back to 1is being May 2018. The Moroccan government then justified this by armed support for the Polisario, the Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah, which is close to Iran. On the other hand, with Algeria, the estrangement is still recent, on August 24.

As a reminder, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune terminated the duties of his country’s former ambassador to Morocco, Abdelhamid Abdaoui. A decision published on October 11 in the Official Gazette of Algeria.

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