After snowstorms, exceptional flooding in California


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California has become an open-air laboratory of climate chaos. After fire, drought and blizzards, state of emergency Saturday March 11 due to violent flooding.

Unleashed and extremely dangerous waves. Since Friday, March 10, floods in California (USA) have already washed away many roads. Many local bodies are cut off from the rest of the state. The Residents of Soquel (USA) can no longer leave the city. “We are already affected by floods, roads and streets are submerged. But we have never seen the road washed away like this“, says one resident.

Rain is expected to continue

California has been lashed by heavy rain for days. They should proceed according to the weather forecast. State services are urging residents to take all precautions. In Felton (USA), residents had to be evacuated. For some Californians, in a state where insurance and the state provide almost no compensation, the discouragement is reaching a point of no return. In recent weeks, California has also experienced heavy snowfall. Melting can lead to a vicious cycle of flooding.

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