After fathering 102 children, he decided not to have children

A 67-year-old farmer from Uganda, Africa, has decided to end his family’s expansion, after raising around 102 children in the past few years, according to reports. daily Mail.

Musa Hasahaya, this resident of Uganda, where polygamy is legal, has officially asked his 12 wives to use contraception in order to stop having children.

He says he can no longer provide for his family’s needs due to the high cost of living.

“My income has been going down for a few years due to the high cost of living, and during this time my family has continued to grow,” he said.

Ugandan children range in age from 6 to 51, and almost a third of them still live with it. In total, he has approximately 568 grandchildren.

However, he does have tips for those who want to start a large family and have many companions.

“I want to discourage people who want to have more than four wives, because things (the financial situation) are not going well,” he admits.

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One of his twelve wives whom I met daily Mail She doesn’t seem bothered by her husband’s decision.

“I’m not going to have any more children. I saw my husband’s financial situation, so I took the pill.”

Polygamy is legal in 58 countries, most of them in countries with a large Muslim majority.

Uganda’s inflation rate was 6.8% in June 2022, according to a government source.

In comparison, neighboring Sudan has recorded rates of more than 100% in recent months.

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