After defeating Sweden, France beat the United States and qualified for the World Championships in Spain [mis à jour]

After a perfectly controlled first round, with five clear wins in several matches against England, Finland, Holland, Thailand and Germany, the French football team missed the big balls. Performances, on Saturday, 20 November, at 2 pm, kneeling before a surprise team from Sweden, 13 to 8. The Scandinavians won their ticket to the 1/8 final.

For France, it was necessary to go into a play-off, immediately from 4 pm, against the United States, a more modest opponent. Not to worry, the French, who returned to Rocher instead of Suchod, won 13-0 in just half an hour.

France’s Auvernat Philippe Suchud took 5 out of 5 at the World Championships in Spain

Against the Swedes, the French, with Bourbonnais Philip Suchod, Henri Lacroix and Philip Quintess, attacked the match in the best possible way. In just three leads, they were already 7 to 0. The match changed its face in the fourth lead as Philippe Suchod made two holes and Henri Lacroix lost one point.

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Suchaud is not in his shot

The Swedes took the opportunity to score their first four points. In the next finish, Suchod and Lacroix “chewed” their shot twice and the opponents, making up three diamonds, scored five points. The 9-7-led Frenchman, not really calm, returned to a small point in the sixth lead.

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In the seventh and final lead, Suchod “chewed” a ball again and the Swedes, on two new diamonds, took the hit to score four points and create the sensation, 13 to 8. The Scandinavians could rejoice while the French players, looking bleak.

By placing him second in their group behind the Swedes, Philip Suchod’s teammates risk a more complicated path to reach the top title. Evidence: They will face Belgium led by Claudie Whipple in the round of 16 on Saturday, from 7:30 pm.

Bourbonnais Philip Suchod, event record holder, recounts his titles as the Petanque World Champion

Fabrice Redon

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