After Bill Gates, Prince Williams sends a message to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

In recent years, the conquest of space has become a concern for the powers of this world. Countries have taken decisions that clearly show their choice to impose themselves in this new adventure. Outside the United States, American billionaires are stepping in and the first space flight has become a reality.

Richard Branson He was the first to travel to space and that was a success. immediately after that, Jeff Bezos He also made his travels. A few weeks ago, Bill Gates spoke about the modern fashion for space travel. His thinly covered letter was addressed to billionaires. Indeed, Bill Gates reminds Bezos and Musk that there is something to be done on Earth. After Bill Gates, Prince Williams launched a shovel into the billionaires.

During an interview in BBC, The Prince William He asserted that our planet needs the biggest brains to save it rather than looking for places where human life could exist. “We need some of the greatest brains and minds in the world to try to save this planet, not find the next place to live.‘, who may very soon be the King of England.

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