After 27 migrants die in the English Channel, the UK introduces joint patrols on the French coast

After at least 27 migrants died in the canal on Wednesday, November 24, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed in a telephone interview on Wednesday evening.“Intensify their efforts” Based on “Keep all options on the table” To fight smuggling gangs organizing illegal crossings of the canal, according to a Downing Street spokesperson.

Macron “Let him know” To Mr. Johnson He expects the British to cooperate fully and refrain from exploiting the tragic situation for political ends.”, the Elysee said on Thursday. “The President of the Republic insisted on the need to work with dignity and respect and in a spirit of effective cooperation when it comes to human life.”He added that the French presidency determines this French and British interior ministers will meet[aie]Next Thursday about it ». A little earlier, Macron confirmed it France will not leave[it] La Manche does not become a cemetery” and demanded Emergency meeting of European ministers.

On Thursday, the British government offered France joint police patrols on the French coast along the English Channel. British Immigration Minister Kevin Foster stressed that London was ready to make the offer ” Methods “ In addition to France, in addition to its financial aid, such as the helicopter that was deployed on Wednesday as part of the rescue operation.

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“We are ready to provide support on the ground, we are ready to provide resources, we are ready to provide support, literally, for people to go. [sur la côte française] assistance to the French authorities.And He said on the BBC. “It is not in anyone’s interest for this to continue.”

He explained that the Minister of the Interior Priti Patel will meet in the morning with his French counterpart Gerald Darmanin. According to Tom Bersglove, Secretary of State for Compliance and the Courts on Immigration, Mr Johnson reiterated in a telephone interview a proposal – previously rejected by Paris on the grounds of sovereignty – ‘to organize Franco-British patrols on French coasts in order to prevent migrants from boarding. “I really hope the French will reconsider this proposal”He told the BBC on Wednesday evening.

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The issue of crossings, which regularly raises tensions between London and Paris, is sensitive for Johnson’s Conservative government, which has made the fight against immigration in the wake of Brexit.

After a crisis meeting on Wednesday, Johnson criticized the French, saying they had not ” Enough “ To prevent crossings, despite aid of more than 60 million euros to strengthen the monitoring of their coasts. “What we are proposing is to increase our support, but also to work with our partners on the respective beaches”, had been announced.

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Fifth arrest

Calais, November 24, 2021. At least 31 migrants died on Wednesday November 24 when a boat sank off Calais.  In the evening, volunteers and association members gathered at the entrance to Quai Paul-Devot to support immigrants.

A fifth suspected smuggler was detained overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. Four suspected smugglers were arrested late Wednesday afternoon, suspected of being linked to the sinking.

Prime Minister Jan Castex will hold an inter-ministerial meeting this morning, Thursday Migrants crossing the English Channel after the dramatic drowning. The ministers of the interior, Gerald Darmanin, justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, the armies, Florence Parly, the sea, Annick Girardin, transport and Jean-Baptiste Djebari, and foreign affairs were scheduled to attend this meeting. The Minister of State for Europe, Clément Bonn, provided Matignon’s details on Wednesday.

The public prosecutor in Lille stated that among the victims were 17 men, seven women and three young men, in addition to survivors. A police source said the victims would include a teenager and three children. The survivors, an Iraqi and a Somali, were at the scene “A sharp drop in body temperature yesterday” bone “Today is a little better”And Thursday said on RTL Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen said they will be heard soon.

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According to Mr. Darmanin, the fifth smuggler who was arrested from Wednesday to Thursday night was arrested German license plate. he used to have “Buy the towers in Germany”He added, explaining that he had no details of the circumstances of the tragedy.

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The drama unfolded on “Longboat”, a fragile inflatable boat with a flexible bottom, widely used by smugglers since the summer. The boat departed from Dunkirk, according to a source familiar with the matter. The public prosecutor announced that the wreck has been seized and will be examined to clarify the causes of the sinking.

Lille’s Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS) was seized in the investigation, and opened to him “Help with irregular entry and stay in an organized group”And Manslaughter and Unintentional Injury And ” Conspiracy “. The Border Police, the Maritime Gendarmerie and the Central Office for the Suppression of Irregular Immigration and Employment of Foreigners Seized Unsupported, According to a Police Source.

“Mafia organizations”

“Since 1He is In January, we arrested 1,500 smugglers.”Mr. Darmanin reassured Thursday. smugglers who work as “Mafia organizations” Who is the fall under organized crime, with the use of in particular “encrypted phones”. There is “criminal associations” In Belgium, Germany and England, the minister said, arguing that countries should act “Squad” about this subject.

This tragedy that the authorities and associations fear, is the deadliest since the sudden increase in 2018, in the immigration crossings of the canal, in the face of the increasing closure of the ports of Calais and Eurotunnel, which had been in use until then. Migrants trying to reach England.

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Attempts to cross the canal on small boats have doubled in the past three months, Philippe Doutriot, the maritime governor of the canal and the North Sea, recently warned.

As of November 20, 31,500 migrants had left coasts since the beginning of the year and 7,800 migrants had been rescued, while at least three had died and four were missing. A trend that has not receded despite the winter temperatures. According to London, 22,000 migrants made the crossing during the first ten months of the year.

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