Afghanistan: Evacuation of cats and dogs by the UK from Kabul halted at the last minute

Paul Farthing organized the smuggling of animals from his shelter and his staff. After spending 10 hours entering the airport complex, the rescue operation was halted at the last minute due to a change in administrative rules.

A former British Navy soldier, who vowed not to leave Afghanistan without the 200 animals collected in his shelter and the team working there, said Thursday 26 August that the rescue mission aimed at bringing them home in the UK was well planned and real.

The explosions on Thursday 26 August at Kabul airport undermined this process. However, Paul Farthing, the shelter’s owner, told Metro that he and his animals were unharmed in the attack, while noting that the situation was “chaotic” at the airport.

Rescue operation approved by the British Foreign Office

Dominic Dyer, animal advocate and friend of Paul Farthing, announced during an intervention on Good Morning Britain on Thursday 26 August that the British Foreign Office had permitted a flight between Luton (UK) and Kabul (Afghanistan). In bringing back Paul and his animals. The plane chartered for this occasion was a private cargo plane, funded by donations.

Dominic Dyer Interior He told the BBC That this flight could not take place because it was impossible for this plane to “enter the airspace of Kabul safely”. So a flight from a country neighboring Afghanistan had to be used in this rescue operation. The presence of Paul Farthing inside the airport was necessary for this plane to land.

Early Thursday, Paul Farthing addressed Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen via tweet. The shelter owner requested to be allowed into the airport as he, his animals, his team and his team were held outside the airport for 10 hours.

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Operation stopped at the last minute

On the morning of Friday, August 27, Paul Farthing was finally able to breach 300 meters inside the walls of Kabul Airport with his animals and team, as the UK completes the final stages of the evacuation. But his happiness did not last long.

Paul Farthing, his animals, and his staff saw each other Throw out the airport grounds. He notes that the smuggling operation would have been rejected due to a change in administrative rules, which would have been introduced a few hours earlier by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. So doubt remains as to the outcome of the rescue that Paul Farthing called “Operation Ark” in reference to Noah’s Ark.

The entire team and dogs/cats were safely 300m within the perimeter of the airport. We got kicked out @Joe Biden POTUS I changed the paperwork rules just two hours ago. We went through hell to get there, and we got into the chaos of those devastating explosions. #OperationArk

– Pen Farthing (PenFarthing) August 27, 2021

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