Afghanistan | After the Taliban victory, Donald Trump called on Joe Biden to resign

(Washington) Donald Trump estimated Sunday that Joe Biden should resign because of the Taliban victory in Afghanistan, but also because of the mismanagement of his successor in the White House as the pandemic file.

“It is time for Joe Biden, who has lost his credibility, to resign for allowing what happened in Afghanistan, but also for the astonishing rise of COVID-19, the catastrophe at the border, the suppression of our energy independence and the paralysis of our economy,” the former Republican president wrote in a statement.

“It should be easy given that in the beginning he was not legitimately elected,” said Mr Trump, who continues to falsely claim that he won the 2020 presidential election.

The former business magnate may have oversaw negotiations with the Taliban to withdraw the US army from Afghanistan, intending to blame only his successor for the Afghan army disaster.

“What Joe Biden did with Afghanistan is legendary. This will remain as one of the biggest defeats in American history,” he quipped Sunday in an earlier press release.

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