Afghan refugees arriving in the US suspended after contracting measles

The White House spokesman announced on Friday that flights carrying Afghan refugees to the United States have been suspended as a precaution after four cases of measles were reported among Afghans who had recently arrived in the province.

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Jen Psaki said during a press briefing that this decision was taken at the request of the health authorities and “as a precautionary measure.”

Those affected have been placed in quarantine and an operation is underway to determine who they have been in contact with.

“All Afghans who have arrived are now being asked to be vaccinated against measles,” said Jen Psaki.

She said a number of important vaccines, including the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, were being administered at bases serving Afghans in the United States, while the administration was investigating the possibility.

Before ending its presence in Afghanistan on August 31, the United States organized the evacuation of more than 120 thousand people by airlift.

Among them are the majority of Afghan nationals considered vulnerable, particularly those at risk of Taliban retaliation for their work with US forces.

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