Adrien Saussez toward a new challenge in the US?

We learned on Wednesday evening that Adrien Saussez, Union Saint-Gilloise goalkeeper, will not be kept at the club and as such he is free to participate wherever he wants. Just like five other main players (Fixelles, Bah, Labeau, Mehlem, and Jordanov).

If this news is not surprising given it was suspended a few months ago for sporting reasons, another piece of information caught our attention in recent hours.

Our colleagues from Sudpresse Discuss Adrien’s near future with his agent. He can return to Uncle Sam’s country, and his sports advisor makes it clear daily that he will be ready to settle in the United States. “We are scrutinizing the market in Belgium but also, above all, abroad. We are not going anywhere but it is time for the coach to trust Adrian. You got the green light to find a base for him in the United States,” which is the point of likes. Sure, MLS will take him as a substitute goalkeeper, but he will prove him, as in all the clubs he’s been through. In addition, after a year spent in the United States, he will receive a “green card,” a permanent residence card that opens other doors for him. I see the rest of his career with great optimism! “In the interview, the agent explained.

The ideal base for a former union savior?

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