acts of sabotage | Terrebonne tries to protect a looted woodland near James Awad’s house

The city of Terrebonne erected a fence and posted a ranger at the edge of the land of James William Awad, the organizer of the Sunwing expedition that slipped in December 2021. This “$100,000 investment” is intended to protect the biodiversity corridor from the “acts of vandalism” and “logging” committed in recent months .

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Hugo Juncas

Hugo Juncas
Investigation team, La Presse

The municipality says it has had to take these measures to protect this “natural gem”. The wooded path adjoins the luxury estate of the young businessman, located on the side of the town of Bois-des-Filion, on the edge of Terrebonne.

“It is sad that the city has had to take these extraordinary measures to preserve a site that belongs to all,” City Manager Serge Villandre said in the press release.

The municipality says it made the decision after noting that “dozens of trees were cut down on August 3 in this sector of the corridor, as well as the deterioration of buildings associated with human activity (development, waste disposal, scrap, furniture or other).” public domain).

Awad says: “To make me angry.”

join JournalismJames Awad had a different version of events, before the city of Tribune sent us explanations.

Photo by Dominic Gravel, Los Angeles Press Archives

James Awad in front of his imposing home in Bois-des-Filion, on the edge of Terrebonne, last winter

“They put a fence on my house just to make me angry,” he said.

James Awad also complained about it on Twitter on Friday, without mentioning the misdeeds the municipality is referring to.

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“The City of Terrebonne put up a $75,000 (taxpayer money) fence to block the driveway that gives me access to the back of my property to drive insane, and hired a security guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure I don’t destroy the fence,” he wrote in English.

Screenshot on Twitter

Apparently James Awad was using the driveway as a road. His message is punctuated by an emoji representing a face crying from laughter.

The damage continued

Despite the new installations, the damage “hasn’t stopped,” Tribune says. “As evidence of this, during the construction of the fence, acts of vandalism were committed on public property during the night: border markers were destroyed and fence posts were damaged. »

This prompted the municipality to hire a night watch company. “The city intends to do what is necessary to maintain the long-term integrity of the fence.”

“Accusations of mischief can result in fines and, in some cases, imprisonment,” Terbonne recalls.

Many air crimes

James Awad is the organizer of the famous charter flight to Mexico whose passengers seriously violated health rules by celebrating on board, last December 30.

Transport Canada has imposed 44 fines and a fine on 39 of its guests at the private club, who violated rules for wearing masks and compulsory vaccination.

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