Accused of “twerking” a 16-year-old female student

A teacher from the department of Essonne in France, accused of groping by the parents of a 16-year-old student who was allegedly “picked up” against her, is taking revenge by filing a defamation complaint.

“The departments and the academy are very attentive to this situation. The director of the school welcomed the young boy and his family,” the Versailles Academy confirmed to the French media, “Le Figaro.”

On April 14, the principal of Clément Ader High School in Athis-Mons informed the teen’s parents of a scene that allegedly happened two weeks earlier.

The teacher, who was teaching an art subject, had then performed a sensual dance, rubbing the young man’s private parts and caressing his face. The other students were also going to attend the scene.

In the aftermath of his revelation, the teenager’s mother filed a complaint for “sexual touching”. In response, the woman also filed a “denunciation of defamation” complaint. According to her, this would be an accidental gesture and these accusations would be a form of teenage revenge.

“You have to be careful, because many versions contradict each other. And the slightest fact about patriotic education creates a magnifying glass effect,” said a source close to the investigation in Le Parisien.

Despite the serious complaints that have been made, the teacher continues to teach at the Lycée Clément Ader, while the teenager’s family has not asked to change his institution, according to “Le Figaro”. However, the young man has no desire to go back to school, Le Parisien revealed.

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