Accused of profiting from pirated content | Shopify and textbook publishers ask for lawsuit to be dropped

(Ottawa) Shopify and a group of textbook publishers, who accused the tech company of profiting from pirated content and violating their trademarks, asked a US court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Posted at 3:45 p.m.

The joint filing, which was filed in Virginia court this week, said Shopify and the companies resolved the issue and wanted the case dismissed, and that each side would cover its own legal costs.

The legal battle began late last year, when textbook publishers alleged that Shopify allowed merchants to illegally use its software to reproduce and sell textbooks, test banks, and other books that are identical or “basically indistinguishable” from their products.

The five publishers who have brought charges against the Ottawa tech company are Macmillan Learning, Cengage Learning, Elsevier, McGraw Hill and Pearson Education.

Shopify rejected all of their claims and argued that it responded promptly to all infringement notices and takedown requests from publishers.

The company counted more than 5,000 takedown requests or notices of trademark infringement under the US DMCA.

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