According to Ken Loach, he was expelled from Labor

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The British filmmaker, the best voice of the European left, said he had fallen victim to the “purge” of criticism of the Labor leadership.

With our correspondent in London, Sidney Couture

Ken Loach, whose filmmaking takes the pulse of social seizures from the 1970s, was also a figure in Labor.

For the 85-year-old director, the expulsion was a ” Weeding “He refused to dismiss members who had already been expelled last month. The reason given was: they are not.” Not ideal With the values ​​of the Labor Party. In a series of tweets, Ken Loach reaffirms his solidarity with his comrades and condemns a witch hunt.

The current party leader and his team will not escape this kind of system. ” We have many, some He rewrote the party slogan, suggesting a split between the popular values ​​of labor and its policies.

This is not the first time the filmmaker has left the party. He had already slammed the door 30 years ago out of hatred for Tony Blair. He returned after the election Corbin, But this support puts him to shame today.

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