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Due to its widespread presence in the United Kingdom, the variant of Govit-19 identified in India is more contagious than its predecessors, according to a study by British health officials. The government is set to vote on Monday to lift the deadline set for June 21.

A virus now dominates and is more contagious than its predecessors. According to a study by British health officials (Public Health UK), the identified variant in India is 60% more contagious than its predecessors, more than the 40% recently specified by Health Minister Matt Hancock. The study revealed that the Indian variant is responsible for almost 90% of the Govt cases detected in the country, which appeared across the channel several weeks ago.

Although the country’s total restructuring is scheduled for June 21, the active circulation of the variant will delay the removal of the last restrictions. “Let’s see where we are” This Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he had again warned of the possibility of postponing the redefinition date.

British health officials, however, want to reassure, however, that the increase in the incidence of varicella infections is not at the same rate as hospital admissions. “Data indicate that the vaccine program continues to reduce the impact of this variation”, Said Jenny Harris, director general of the British Health Care Organization. Thousands of Govt patients are currently hospitalized in the UK. “The vaccine is our best defense”, Jenny Harris promised.

The United Kingdom has launched a massive vaccination campaign launched in early December, with nearly 128,000 people severely affected by the epidemic and dying. Approximately 77% of adults received their two doses in six months. However, with the approach of removing the last restrictions, there is concern within the government. The number of daily contaminants is about 6,000 to 7,000 cases. According to the British newspaper The Times, Boris Johnson will consider the matter four weeks before the country’s total redefinition.

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