According to an epidemiologist, “the increase in pollution does not justify the implementation of binding national measures.”

“The increase in pollution does not justify the implementation of binding national measures”, Philippe Amuel confirmed, Saturday, July 10 on franceinfo, while the Delta version of Covid-19 is on its way to becoming the majority in France. Two days before the new speech by Emmanuel Macron, the epidemiologist and professor of public health at the University Hospital of Lille demanded that the health permit be extended to “Enclosed meeting places, like a restaurant, like a bar, like a gym.”

franceinfo: removing the pollutants behind us and at the same time the pollution is increasing again. Nearly 4,580 new cases were discovered in the past 24 hours in France, compared to 2,683 a week earlier. Shall we not go back to the way it was last summer?

Philip Amuel: We’re about to find ourselves in a situation last summer with one difference, which is that we have the vaccination today. Last summer, we didn’t know we were in this dynamic of a new pandemic wave. We sensed it, but we weren’t sure yet. Now we know the scenarios. We can follow what’s happening in the UK, which is about a month and a half ahead of us. We can now anticipate things and try to persuade in favor of vaccination. Currently, the increase in pollution does not justify the implementation of binding national measures as we have known during previous waves.

What do we see in the UK nowadays?

What we’re seeing is a very significant increase in the number of cases. they [les Britanniques] Exceeded 20,000 cases per day. They haven’t added new barrier measures, but their vaccination rate is starting to approach 60%, as is the case in Israel. We can see that the rise in hospitals seems rather limited, despite this wave. However, you know that it is this saturation of hospitals that is causing overcrowding and the health crisis. If we manage not to get to as many as 20,000 daily cases – we can hope – by trying to respect the barrier measures for a little longer, we could end up with a “wave”, not a wave like the one we knew earlier in France.

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Nightclubs were able to reopen as planned on Friday evening, with mandatory health permits and a 75% meter. Are these guarantees sufficient?

Yes I think so. There will always be a few free riders with a healthy lane, but the effect will likely be relatively small. Under these circumstances, we should be able to celebrate. So it doesn’t seem a contradiction to me to reopen nightclubs in the current context. We can also extend the Sanitation Permit to other meeting places of this type, particularly enclosed meeting places, such as a restaurant, bar and gym. It is still an important issue, because at least it will make it possible to hold on and not limit the whole country.

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