Accessing dark mode will soon be much easier

Microsoft plans to install a command to toggle at will and easily between the light and dark modes of the system.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360, under Windows 11 // Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

There is no automatic switching between light and dark modes under Windows 11 operating system…and there’s no way to quickly switch between them either. learn from Newen Microsoft intends, however, to solve at least one of these two problems. The specialized site has already reported that the company will consider installing directly in the Action Center (which you find by clicking at the bottom right of the screen) for Windows 11 a new command dedicated to the dark mode. The latter will enable/disable dark mode with a single tap, at will, and without laborious back and forth in settings.

Discovered by Zack Bowden, journalist at Windows CentralThis novelty certainly doesn’t allow you to activate an automatic switch (but it’s much needed) but at least it has the advantage of making Windows 11’s dark mode more accessible than it is at the moment.

The novelty is currently in the testing phase…

Note that at this point, it appears that this novelty is only in trial with certain members of the Insider Program. The screenshot provided by Zac Bowden also shows this functionality active in Windows 11 build 25204, which was never published, specifies Neowin. A priori, Microsoft is currently content to try a new way to easily access the dark mode.

Microsoft is internally experimenting with adding a dark mode toggle to the Quick Settings panel in Windows 11.

– Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) November 15, 2022

It is not known at this point whether or not Microsoft will decide to widely deploy this feature in their operating system. However, given the expectations and demand around such a function, it would be surprising if the company eventually chose to forego it.

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Note that it is however possible to activate automatic dark mode on Windows 11 through a third-party app: Auto Dark Mode. Available on Microsoft Store and on githubThis free app does a good job of replacing a feature that Microsoft had long since implemented natively on Windows 11.

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