Abuse at CHSLD Floralies in Lasalle: A family wants to move a loved one ASAP

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The family of a Montreal CHSLD resident under investigation for possible abuse is asking their loved ones to be moved quickly, and they have been denouncing serious deficiencies in care for months.

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“We just want dignity, it just doesn’t make sense,” angers Brigitte Lavoie, whose sister Sophie, who has an intellectual disability, has been staying at Flordes House in LaSalle for nearly two years.

Complaint, meetings with staff and social workers, supportive photos, but nothing has changed, Mrs. Lavoie gets angry.

When she visits her sister, she finds poo in her bed or her diaper is soiled. She says her sister wears clothes other than her own. She also found her feet black, they were very dirty.

Ms Lavoie deplored that the worst of it was a bed sore on her buttocks that had not healed in over a year.

Ongoing investigation

Last week, TVA Nouvelles revealed that an investigation had been opened into the Floralies residences in LaSalle and Lachine.

CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal would like to inform you of the upgrade to the monitoring system […] This increased monitoring is particularly affecting the quality and safety of health care provided to the elderly who reside there,” according to a letter sent to relatives.

“Over the past few months, assessment visits have raised a number of concerns regarding compliance with care and services provided to clients,” the letter continues.

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Admission has also been suspended by CIUSSS and a report is expected in October.

According to Mrs. Lavoie, her sister must have been in a medium resource, a living environment for people who had lost independence, but due to waiting, she was allotted a place in this private residence by the CIUSSS.

The owner of the building did not contact “Le Journal” yesterday.

“My sister would never complain,” breathes Ms. Lavoie, who is struggling to get better care. She regrets that the staff did not examine her wounds or her nappy more, for example.

She burst into tears thinking about what her sister, who is about to turn 50, is going through.

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