About 15 million people in the UK have been vaccinated

The UK looks set to successfully complete its ambitious race to vaccinate 15 million vulnerable people against the corona virus in mid-February on Friday, signaling a way to tough control for weeks.

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This is a tour for Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which has so far dealt with a pandemic that has infected four million people and killed more than 115,000 in a country of 66 million people, the most tragic in Europe.

His government has launched the first vaccination campaign in the West in early December, a national cause to get out of the health crisis, in the face of a new epidemic that has become highly contagious in the UK.

In all, more than 13.5 million people in the top four priority groups – people over the age of 70, caregivers, nursing home workers and their residents – have already received the first level of AstroGeneca / Oxford or Pfizer / Bioendech, according to official figures on Wednesday. .

Nearly 525,000 people have been vaccinated in the required two doses, which authorities have decided will take up to 12 weeks to vaccinate as many people as possible.

Wales was the first country to deliver the high – risk anti – Govt vaccine to these people, or 740,000 people, at “recent times” on Friday or the weekend, welcoming Prime Minister Welsh Mark Drakeford. BBC.

He stressed that the pace of injections would slow down slightly over the next two weeks due to a drop in vaccine supply, before resuming in March.

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He says this success should allow some restrictions to be “carefully” relaxed as soon as possible. “We can find the path to a spring where we can make up for the things we lose,” he believed.

Boris Johnson’s government hopes to begin gradually raising the prison sentence imposed from early January to early March, with the primary goal of reopening currently closed schools, non – essential shops, inns and restaurants.

The leader, pressured by some representatives of his conservative majority to loosen the screw strongly, is expected to present a blueprint for ending the crisis in the week of February 22nd.

But if the United Kingdom begins to see the end of the tunnel thanks to vaccination and control that has led to a reduction in pollution, epidemiologist Neil Ferguson has warned against any rainfall.

“As long as we are relatively careful when we leave, I hope this will be the last lock,” he said on a Politico podcast. Full adult population cannot return to normal until they have been vaccinated.

According to the expert advising the administrator, “this virus is very unlikely to be eradicated from the human population one day”: “it will become a local corona virus” which can be managed with “regular immunizations” such as the flu. .

As the vaccination campaign progressed rapidly, in some parts of the country, namely, over 65s and over 60s began to provide injections to the following priority groups.

By May, the government wants to vaccinate nine priority groups, which are 32 million vulnerable people or those over the age of 50, accounting for 99% of deaths. And all adults by September.

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However, the Guardian newspaper on Friday quoted a survey by the industry association as saying that more than 400,000 of the 656,000 people providing home care for the elderly or vulnerable had not yet received the first dose.

While acceptance of the vaccine is generally high in the UK, reluctance is high among minorities, and the Public Health Service (NHS) broadcasts videos in different languages ​​or promotes them using celebrities such as star Elton John.

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