abnormal. “Saltos Chronicles”, “Whipped Cream” .. And you, what would you do in space?

“Already 94 days aboard the International Space Station. Despite everything that makes this adventure so magical, the routine inevitably tends to come up (we are human)… What would you do if you were aboard the space station? Submit your thoughts!” Thomas Bisquet wrote on Monday on his Facebook page.

On his second space mission, 43-year-old Norman needs ideas to distract himself. Neither one nor two, netizens who dream of being astronauts have suggested some proposals … Thomas Pesquet received more than 7,000!

In addition to the basic “Cooler on Netflix,” space music is clearly a French dream. “A concert among the elements will become a festival over time,” Karimouche suggests. “Electric Composition” by DJ Ralph. Karine writes: “Write a piece of music and if you have other artists with you, create your first space group.” In May, fans of British band Coldplay enjoyed discovering a new song during a video conference with Thomas Pesquet…

Breaking records

Other netizens are more pragmatic: “Give our land a little paint to make it look great again,” suggests Robert. “Write your memories,” MaLou launches, or more daringly: “In an effort to break world records: Saltos Chronicles, there are many crazy records you can find that are so cool and innovative that will give clues to the next astronauts,” Selene suggests.

Frank is more poetic: “A piece of music with other astronauts in an ode to our planet, its place in the universe, its fragility and beauty…”

Many also suggest that she lists all her photos in a book.

“Space Roulette”

The French who responded to Thomas Bisquet’s call are also very annoyed. “I was going to open the door to take a deep breath of fresh air,” James said. “Me, I’m going to open the vents for ventilation a little bit because it must have smelled moldy in there,” Florent adds. Sophie suggests: “You can study Italian poetry in depth between the 15th and 16th centuries. This will keep you busy.” “Space roulette: blindfold your eyes and press a button,” Laurent suggests. He’ll push the vice even further: “I’m going to make NASA think you see ships approaching.”

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Collect the whipped cream.

Gluttony passes there, while astronauts on the International Space Station eat dried or canned dishes… The excellent chefs serve up creations of “special space” dishes or just “appetizing!!! with chips strewn all over the place!” Anthony wrote. Ariel suggests, “I’ll try to put together a whipped cream that, in the case of weightlessness (or weightlessness, editor’s note) should be great.”

And the players! “The lightsaber fight,” said Romain de Bois. Philip wrote, “Why don’t you make a game between the two of you? Hide something somewhere in the station and leave some clues there, like a treasure hunt.” “10,000-piece puzzle in weightlessness!” Vincent suggests. Mark, he, will play “Hide and Seek, or 1, 2, 3 Sun…”

“Buttocks on the window”

Finally, we have the most “scoundrels,” like Alan: “I’d stick my buttocks to the window for a revolution just so I could say I asked the whole world to embrace it. Man-hating would be very satisfied.”

But the prize for the joke goes to Rasheed: “I’d do stupid things just because they wouldn’t be dangerous.”

Now it remains to be seen what Thomas Pesquet will achieve. Therefore, he has until … the end of October.

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