Abandoning negotiations for compensation for separated immigrant families

The U.S. government has abandoned talks to provide financial compensation to displaced families on the border with Mexico due to the policy of. “Totally intolerant” Former President Donald Trump, representatives of both parties said on Thursday (December 16).

Joe Biden’s administration said families who complained about the separation could not reach any agreement with lawyers, while insisting they could find one in the future. “Even if the parties fail to reach a solution this time, we are determined to negotiate with the plaintiffs and bring justice to the victims of this heinous policy.”The judiciary said in a statement.

The petitioners, who are seeking compensation for the psychological damage caused by the secession, have announced that they will continue the legal battle. “We’m going back to court … these children and parents are incomprehensible to the shock caused by our own government. We must do the right thing.”, Lee Gellernd, a lawyer for the American Union for Civil Liberties Association (ACLU), told AFP.

5,500 children are separated from their parents

Following his inauguration in January, Democratic President Joe Biden pledged to pursue a further relocation policy. “Man” After the Trump era and its so called “Totally intolerant”, Launched in 2018. It was in the process of initiating criminal proceedings against anyone who entered the Mexican border illegally. Consequence: Parents without children are detained.

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The number of arrests of undocumented immigrants on the southern border of the United States has risen sharply in recent years, most of them from Central America and Mexico.

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