A young man with autism who had been missing for three years has been released on bail

Then at the age of 17, he disappeared from the family home in California. He was found 1,200 miles away in Utah, much to the surprise and relief of his family.

Connorjack Oswald was trembling as sheriff’s representatives crossed his path on Saturday as he slept outside a cozy shop in the ski area. Summit District, Utah, USA. Connorjack was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other mental health problems when he was 17 when he left his home. ClearlakeIn California.

Needed for almost three years

His family searched for him for years, handing out leaflets, searching social media and actively pursuing useless ways. They even went to his hometown of Idaho Falls, hoping he would eventually return.

“If there was any reference to her, we would have followed her,” said her mother – in – law, Gerald Flint. Fox13 channel reports. “It’s a dream come true.”

His mother, Susan Flint, recalled what Cusatilas had done the day he went missing, but he was gone by lunchtime. “I never stopped looking for him. There was never a day that I didn’t look for him in a way,” she says.

A match with a file from 2019

When officers spotted the young man in front of the Convenience Store, they asked if he should get in the car to warm up. Connorjack agreed, and if he refused to give his name, he would still allow officers to take his fingerprints. They later found a match in the state of Nevada for an arrest warrant that had not been executed since February.

“The deputies felt that there was something in this case that went beyond your arrest warrant. There must have been some humanitarian effort,” Sheriff Justin Martinez said.

Authorities examined tons of documents, including missing and dangerous children. That’s how they found the 2019 report of the missing youth in Clearlake, California. Although the spelling of the name was slightly different than the Nevada warrant, the photos matched. Then his family was called.

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Reunited with his family

When his relatives received the call, they feared Connerjack was dead. After his wife confirmed the teenager’s identity with the birth certificate, Gerald Flint quit his job and got in his car and drove to Utah for four hours. “Everyone in the room was in tears. [Les officiers] Surpassed themselves and added working hours. They may have rejected it, but they did not, and it made all the difference in the world. “

“We did not treat him like a criminal. We treated him like someone with something deep that we had to dig into. It was that instinct that really united this family,” Justin testified. Martinez.

Social workers who were well aware of the autism looked after the young man after he was reunited with his family, Lieutenant Andrew Wright said. His family hopes he will be brought home soon.

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