A year later, how can Europe fail so much?

A person arrives in intensive care after relocating the area – Frederic Didys / Ciba

  1. A few days before the anniversary of the first birth in France, Ile-de-France is transporting patients in intensive care.
  • Meanwhile, Italy is reshaping itself as a third wave appears to be emerging in Central Europe.
  • How could Europe be in a situation so similar to the first wave, several months later?

Saturday, First patient transfer operation in intensive care in Ile-de-France To other regions, while on Mondays,
Italy is reshaping most of its territories. March 2021 takes more and more of the March 2020 atmosphere, raising questions about the European balance sheet: How, one year after the start of the first wave,
Europe Could it give the impression of going back to square one? What mistakes did the ancient continent make to obtain this record?

If the main problem came from the strategy adopted by European countries, then it is “Living with the virus” And trying to control its circulation instead of seeking to eliminate it? Part of the dangers of this strategy, epidemiologist Antoine Flahault points out: “In Europe, governments have agreed to live with it.
CoronavirusThus it accepted repeated reconnections. The choice is more dangerous, as Dr. Michael Rochoy, a physician and epidemiologist, points to a second failure: the absence of quantitative targets. “ Aside from the 5,000 daily identified cases of second incarceration – which have never been achieved elsewhere – most of the time have sailed to France and Europe without a specific goal, resulting in general ambiguity as to what actions to take, when to obtain them, etc. Countries have lived along the evolution of the curves of the epidemic, constantly adapting to it rather than trying to take the lead.

“The alert threshold is set in France at 50, so we set a super alert threshold at 100, then an ultra-crimson alert at 150 … When we put exact numbers, we don’t keep or twist them. Everything is still unclear,” regrets the doctor Slightly. The same is now in Germany, where more and more questions are being asked about the occurrence of 35 to allow the liquidation to be unfolded because it is delaying it.

Remember last summer

The surprise and scale of the first wave of a still unknown virus could be thrown into Europe’s defense. Where the bottom hurts and where there is real regret, it occurs most in the summer of 2020, after the general disintegration of the continent with the spread of the virus at a very low rate. “I think that the main mistake that Europe made dates back to June 2020, when its countries did not adopt a strategy aimed at living without the Coronavirus, as we did with the Chinese, Koreans or the Japanese after they left the first wave,” notes Antoine Flault bitterly. .

Aside from this strategic choice, Michael Rochoy regrets that no action has been taken in the face of the slow and inevitable spike in cases from July to September, without taking any new measures. He also remembers the case of post-confinement masks, which became mandatory in stores only in July, at work in September, and in October at school: “Had all this been introduced as soon as the skin had been dismantled in May, the circulation of the virus would have decreased dramatically. And it would have taken longer to recover. ”An example that illustrates well,“ The absence of protection that Europe is adopting. It is as if we are waiting for standing on the wall to try to avoid it. ”

Much complexity in the wind

The lack of procedures on the one hand is exacerbated by … a lot of unnecessary procedures on the other hand, which explains the despair and fatigue of a part of the population. Alice Desbiolz, MD, MD Public HealthIt regrets the measures taken somewhat blindly: “We did not do enough in the regions
Clusters of groups And frail people, and a lot of them are on the side. Blind and patriotic confinement during the spring when only the Grand Est and Paris, the national measures, the lack of difference between the outer and the inner … the desire to take the same measures throughout the territory and for all residents, be sure to strike the vacuum. ”
Study of the Pasteur Institute on March 9th It indicates, for example, that only 5% of pollution occurs outside.

Michael Rochoy joined an analysis, which draws a comparison with the demands of the world of culture today: “We should focus on unmasked moments and allow everything else. Museums and the absence of curfews and cinemas … making sure that places are well ventilated, that there are masks and distance. Good. Watch your loved ones after 6 pm, but without removing the mask. The people of Europe will stick to this speech much more than that. “

And now?

Not everything should be floated in European equities. R (virus reproduction rate) is not known again what highs it reached during the first wave (it was estimated above 3 last March in France, and has always remained below 2 since then), most pollutants are better monitored, and resuscitation processes lead to a number Fewer than average deaths. Europe is still suffering, but Europe has learned. As critical as the ‘coexistence with the virus’ strategy can be, the hospital system has never given up – somehow, of course.

But in the final stage of the Stations of the Cross, the European Union appears to be paying the price for its slowdown vaccinationBecause of cold requests for months, in order to get the lowest prices. An option that Antoine Flahaul laments: “It seems that the old continent feared its shadow in many aspects of managing this epidemic. By not taking the financial and industrial risks of last spring that the United States, Russia and China dared without showing ambition to combat the epidemic at its height.”

A little bit of drama in Europe throughout this year. Being extremely cautious and lax when necessary to act, but also to exaggerate your self-esteem. Alice Despiols concludes: “What the Corona virus has shown to Europe is the fragility of its population, between comorbidities, obesity and old age, and a hospital weakened by years of deprivation and budget cuts. It is a global health problem, and not only related to the Coronavirus.” A problem the ancient continent will have to address, If you don’t want to experience the March 2022 Deja Vu atmosphere.

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