A woman treated for eight years for a bad disease

While suffering from Lyme disease, Anne Fergani Grandmugin was treated for multiple sclerosis.

She had a nightmare. It all started in 2008. After seven months of diagnostic wandering, Anne Ferjani Grandmugin learned she had multiple sclerosis. As she told La Voix du Nord on the occasion of the release of her book “Lyme, my disease we took for another”, published by L’Harmattan, the sixty-year-old has been treated for eight years for this disease. But in fact she does not suffer from this disease. In fact, eight years ago, I was bitten by a tick, and contracted Lyme disease. “I don’t blame anyone, it’s not medically wrong because Lyme disease is hard to tell from others.Thanks to the antibiotic treatment prescribed for the infection, she began to question her health condition. With this treatment, she felt much better, and her health deteriorated again when she was no longer taking these medications.”Then I resumed all my analyzes, all peeled off. I thought it was contagious. I linked Lyme disease“.

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After the first negative test, she turned to the France Lyme Society and was taken care of by a Belgian doctor. Since 2016, she has finally been cured of the ailment she really has and her condition has improved dramatically. “I re-work, I re-work, I have a life. If this doctor had not treated me, I would have died“.Anne Ferjani Grandmugin suffered from the after-effects of this mistreatment as nerve pain.”But I wouldn’t really know if it was related to the Lyme or the heavy treatment, including chemotherapy, that I receivedToday, she laments the lack of a Lyme disease treatment budget in France, with all proceeds from the sale of her book going to the Lyme Disease Research Fund.

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