A woman is terrified of her sister’s peanut allergy joke


A woman with a peanut allergy fears for her life after her sister predicts her to thinking she ate the nuts and then uses a funny phone filter to convince her that she was facing a dangerous reaction.

Fatima and Anisa, the influential US-based siblings who use the nickname Iconic Sisters online, shared a funny video about For joking On TikTok, viewers were hysterically overreacting to the joke.

In the clip, girls are seen sitting in their car, Anissa happily eating a protein bar. But seconds after taking a bite, Fatima shouted in horror, “Oh my God, Anisa! Why are you eating this? It contains peanuts!

what what? A woman with a peanut allergy was horrified after her sister used a series face filter to convince her that she was having a reaction to the nuts.

‘My God!’ Anisa, who lives in the US, screamed when she saw her face puffed up on her sister Fatma’s phone screen.

I have you! Fatima, 22, posted a video of the joke on TikTok, as it quickly went viral, with a total of more than 13.8 million views.

Anisa screams in fear, jumps out of her seat and shouts at her sister, “What’s wrong with this?” you are kidding! You said it was …

At that moment, her sister turned Anisa’s attention to the phone screen, where she saw an escape view of her face that looked as if her cheeks and jaw had swelled badly.

The scene causes Anisa to scream again, put the tape in her hand, as she bounces on her chair, all while her mischievous brother smiles toward the camera.

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But while Anisa may not have been affected by the entertaining prank, fans of the two brothers online were delighted with the video, which garnered more than 13.8 million views, 2.4 million likes and thousands of fun comments from viewers.

“My last shriek sent me,” commented one of them, adding several emojis to laugh and cry.

So innocent: In the clip, Anissa happily eats a protein bar. But seconds after taking a bite, Fatima shouted in horror, “Oh my God, Anisa! Why are you eating this? It contains peanuts!

But … poor Anisa cries in horror and points to the protein bar, insisting that her sister assures her that it does not contain nuts.

Terrified: After seeing her face on the camera screen, Anissa dropped the protein bar and started screaming in horror.

It’s better: Anissa (pictured) and her sister have hit it big on TikTok, being known by the iconic sisters.

Another joked: “I saw this so many times that I lost the number, and it is funny not to watch it.”

A third commented, “I laughed a lot,” while a fourth intervened: “This whole video makes me stumble, and I can’t stop watching it.”

This isn’t the first time Fatima has played a joke on her sister to gain viral fame on TikTok.

In February, the influencer used a similar tactic, this time using a different filter that made her sister feel as though she was several decades old and had flabby skin.

Earlier this year, Fatima cheated on Anisa by waking her and telling her that Donald Trump had won the election, prompting her sister to start packing her bag.

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