A woman dies after undergoing a lung transplant infected with the Coronavirus

Covid-19 news is a major focus at the moment. Thus, agencies make it clear that a woman dies while receiving it Lung transplant Infected with Coronavirus. It happened in a hospital in Michigan, USA, when a woman underwent a lung transplant.

After three days, the patient began to get very ill Difficulty breathing, high temperature and pneumonia. And in the hospital, they checked whether these were symptoms of a serious case of covid-19.

According to the Washington Post, one of the doctors who performed the operation and thus performed Direct contact with transplanted lungs tHe also showed symptoms of infection with Covid-19, and then his test result was positive. Although he recovered later.

In principle, the test is negative

When the woman was tested positive for Covid, the result came back negative, but the patient’s doctor, Daniel Cole, ordered a test. The second test is to take a sample from the new woman’s lungs.

As the doctor expected, this test came back positive. So we didn’t know what really happened because all of this could have happened because the donor had covid-19.

He concluded that the woman that He passed away two months after Covid-19He caught the virus from the infected donor lungs. Something that completely surprised the scientific community.

Thus, it was observed that the donor also carries the pathogen, although she did not initially show symptoms.

The first case of Covid transmission via an organ transplant

According to officials from the University of Michigan Medical School gathered by various media in the United States, this case could be the first confirmed case of Covid-19 infection via an organ transplant.

Lung transplant

This is an important fact, but the doctors who performed the transplant explained that The risk of contracting the virus from the transplant is very low So he said not to be afraid of these procedures.

Can other organs transmit the virus? Doctors say this is all under investigation because it is not known for certain whether other organs, outside the lungs, might be able to transmit SARS-CoV-2.

Other media outlets indicated, regarding this case, that this accident appears to be an isolated event, as it is the only confirmed case out of nearly 40,000 transplants performed in 2020. This does not negate the fact that it “must be studied and implemented. Table What happened. , With more important controls not to happen again, like testing etc.

Thus, it is emphasized that viral transmission from organ donors to recipients remains rare They occur in less than 1% of transplant recipients.

What do you do from now on?

In order for this not to happen again, because it is something that they only realized later and not before, doctors at Michigan Infectious Disease Medicine Hospital are pointing it out now. It will require more comprehensive tests Donors to be able to donate their organs.

Doctors report that they would not have used such lungs for a transplant had they known about this problem or had been tested for Covid-19 with positive results.

The woman got worse and died

In the course of events, when the woman began to deteriorate after a lung transplant, the medical team applied various treatments such as Two cycles of remdesivir and twice plasma therapy.

Then the woman was connected to a ventilator, but was fired for a short time as things got worse and it turned out that she could not have another lung transplant. Other tests were done for septic shock and heart problems. Then lung samples were tested and tested positive.

The woman died after receiving a lung transplant with coronavirus, 61 days after surgery.

Covid-19 Relationship and Organ Transplantation

According to the American Kidney Fund, there is currently no specific information about whether the coronavirus infection will be more severe in transplant patients. Illness caused by other viruses is often more severe in people Weak immune systemAs is the case with transplant patients.

They explained that if it is likely that a transplant patient who takes immunosuppressants is more likely to develop a serious disease if infected with the Coronavirus. The Immunosuppressants are drugs that weaken the immune system pTo reduce the possibility of the body rejecting a transplanted organ. However, it is difficult for a weak immune system to fight infection.

For the safety of the patients, the transplant team will likely postpone the procedure until the disease has been overcome in case a person becomes infected with Covid-19 during the transplant.

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