A whole chicken head in his KFC line

Bad surprise for the UK who found a whole chicken head in his KFC fried chicken barrel.

The woman, named Gabriel, shared a review on the online site in early December.

“I found fried chicken heads in my diet. I can say that it did not motivate me to continue his diet … ”, he commented on the Just Eat site.

Screenshot / Twitter

Despite this discovery, he still left this restaurant in Twickenham, UK with two of the five stars.

The story is different in the last few days as many Netizens have shared a photo of the chicken head and Gabrielle’s opinion on social media.

Thus, PFK’s British subsidiary responded to a question on Twitter.

“It’s probably the most generous 2-star review ever shared,” the company wrote, but expressed surprise and amazement at the discovery.

“It may be shocking (…) but it’s simple: we serve you real chicken and we’re proud of it. Our suppliers have strict restrictions. Everything in our restaurants is carefully prepared. But sometimes things can go wrong. This is a rare proof of that. . “

The company took the complaint seriously and said it would strengthen its quality controls with its suppliers so that “such a thing would never happen again.”

Gabriel and his family were invited to see how the chicken preparation ended up on their plates.

“I hope they give us a 5 star rating next time …” KFC teased.

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