A violent phenomenon will cause turbulence in Quebec

Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 9:37 am – A powerful phenomenon will play an important role in the coming days. Indeed, the weather in Quebec will be turbulent. However, it is expected to be a happy ending.


  • Hurricane Larry is moving north.
  • Temporary cold kept in Quebec;
  • Larry will hit the Avalon Peninsula hard.

turbulent atmosphere

An interesting situation emerges in eastern North America. Hurricane Larry, rising in the Atlantic, is expected to be off Newfoundland by the end of the week. Within the continent, Quebec will be under the influence of an atmospheric bottom and turbulence that will lead to cooler weather. In addition, high winds will eventually interact with the hurricane.

Larry 2

curb the cold

Thus, Larry’s advance north will create a hillside effect to stop the cold over Quebec. This freshness will therefore be amplified thanks to the strong effect that the hurricane will have on the jet stream.


Bye Larry!

The good news: This situation will not last long and will not have serious consequences. In fact, it is not very cold at this time of year: the mercury should fall only a few degrees below seasonal standards. Once Larry moves far enough, the bottom of the atmosphere can finally dissipate to allow the heat to return to Quebec next weekend.

Larry 4

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