A Ukrainian citizen in Saskatoon fears that “Russia will invade Ukraine one day.”

Ukrainians used to live knowing that one day the Russians would invade Ukraine, suspects Petro Skirchuk who came to settle in the city of bridges with his family, in an interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Tensions are high between Kiev and Moscow, and the United States and the Europeans accuse the latter of preparing a military offensive in eastern Ukraine.

It happened after the Soviet Union. Russia will never give up its desire to regain power. When you have a neighbor like Russia, you should always be preparedMr. Skirchuk continues.

[…] You never know what might happen tomorrow.

Recently, Ukrainian officials hinted that the Kremlin has deployed more than 110,000 military personnel on the common border between the two countries.

Mr. Skirchuk still has family and friends there, and can understand their feelings and moods since he was in the same situation not too long ago.

You can see danger all the timeHe remembers. Living in Ukraine is an experience of constant fear.

According to him, many of his relatives who still live in the country are divided over what decision to take in the face of the instability.

I have friends who live in different parts of the country, many want to leave, many want to keep fighting, it’s different, Mentionsed.

Looking back at his homeland, Petro Skirchuk and his family are still just beginning to experience their integration in Saskatoon,

We are proud to be a part of the Saskatoon communityrejoice.

A strong Ukrainian community lives in Saskatchewan. The provincial government stated in 2016 that 13% of Saskatchewans are of Ukrainian descent.

International support for Ukraine

Petro Skirchuk hopes that the international community’s support will allow Ukraine to extricate itself from Russia’s stranglehold.

Ukraine cannot do anything without the support of foreign countries, because Russia is strong, and Ukraine is helpless against Russia, he admitted.

A week ago, the United States called on Moscow to ease tensions with Ukraine at a meeting of the foreign ministers of the seven major powers in the United Kingdom that went so far as to threaten Russia with sanctions. Massive in case of attack.

On Friday, Russia asked forNATO Pledge to stop all military activities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and put an end to the expansion of the Alliance.

The United States pledged to engage in discussions with its European allies on this issue.

With information from Leisha Grebinksi

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